Bob Duffey – United States

Bob Duffey was born November 25, 1949 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Bob's grandfather was a Baptist preacher and Bob has been a believer in Jesus Christ for many decades. His favorite movie is "On Any Sunday". He was married July 18th, 1968 to Ana Duffey. They have two sons and three grand children as of November 2007.

Left: Bob was the first in the world to jump over a running helicopter on June 14, 1974 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The pilot maintained the rotor rpm of 30,000. Right: Bob jumping at the Orange County Dragstrip in Orange, California in 1980.

He began his stunt performing in 1972. That dedication has given him many records and world firsts. In 1977, he even won the "CBS Sports Spectacular World Championship Motorcycle Jumping Competition". October 14th, 2007 was the 30th anniversary of that competition. Odd information, more than half of the jumpers at the Houston Astrodome, for the "American Motorcycle Jumping Contest" could ride a unicycle. Being natural competitors, they took to seeing who could ride the unicycle up the newly painted ramps and drop from the tallest height. They decided to quit when the rim started bending.

Left: Bob checking his bike before a jump. Right: Yes, if you haven't guessed by now, Bob's favorite color is purple and he carries that theme onto his leathers, bikes and his favorite van.

He holds a long list of impressive accomplishments. A dozen different kinds of wheelies. A quarter mile time of 11.71 seconds, at 122 mph — riding backwards. On May 28, 1980, he rode his 1980 XR 500 Honda backwards with a 60 mph average speed on a 1/2 mile paved oval track with a time 29:84. He was the very first to wheelie a motorcycle backwards. The first to jump over a running helicopter. He jumped over 50 people, breaking the Guinness World Record. A recent world's first – he jumped over 100 feet, with no motor! A 24 car jump of 157 feet. Over 1200 jumps with only 3 crashes — a record of perfection unequaled by anyone. He appeared on "That's Incredible", has been in many books and magazines and three movies. His stunts have taken him to all 48 continental States, all the provinces of Canada, Mexico City, South America and Germany.

Left: The can crush in Bakersfield, California at the Mesa Marin Raceway. (Photo: Dan Mahony) Right: The can crush in Dortmund, West Germany 1980. The two assistants are Bob's two sons, Jerry (age 11 on left) and Lonnie (age 10 on right). The gap was only 18 inches.

His life is built around people, motorcycles and safety. His favorite saying is, "No Helmet = No Brains". He believes that you are only as old as you feel. With all new stunts well into the 21 Century

Other information , Dick Stone got his start with promoter, Mel Larson. Larson was also the promoter for Rex Blackwell and Gary Davis' "Flying Cycles". Larson combined Dick Stone and Bob Duffey to form the "Astro Cycles".

Left: Riding a backwards wheelie, November 1974. Right: Bob performing one of his famous one foot wheelies.

Left: Bob as he appears today riding backwards. Right: Riding a two-man wheelie!

Left: On May 10, 1981, Bob rode a 11.71 second 1/4 mile on his 1979 Kawasaki Z1R Turbo backwards as 122 mph! This took place at Green Valley Race City. Middle: Bob in his "Fear No Evil" leathers. He had three sets of leathers with the "Fear No Evil" on them. One of which he was wearing when he won the CBS World Championship in 1977. And yes, they were purple and white. Right: This is the latest set of leathers Bob uses in his shows. They were given to him by Kusitani from Japan. They designed them for him in 1995.

Left: Performing in Bogota, Columbia on March 3, 1973. Right: Bob jumping over cars one-handed!

Special thanks to Bob Duffey sharing his photos on Cycle Jumpers!