Paul Sagehorn — United States

On July 4, 2003, Paul Sagehorn (33 years old) performed his first public motorcycle jump and joined the elite ranks of a cycle jumper. In the Spring of 2003, the organizers of a 4th of July celebration asked Paul if he would perform and of course Paul "jumped" at the chance! The jump took place at Memorial Park in Sparta, Wisconsin. Paul used his Honda CR 125 to jump over 11 cars side-by-side. The ramp gap was 80 feet.

Paul has always been a fan of motorcycle jumping. His first motorcycle jump he saw in person was of Evel Knievel. Paul saw Robbie Knievel jump in Washington, D.C. in 2002. Paul has been riding motorcycles since he was a kid. His first bike he rode was a Yamaha 60. Four years ago, he bought his current bike specifically for jumping. Paul states, "I have learned a lot from Johnny Airtime, Louis "Rocket" Re, Robbie Brasher and Tom Bryan."

He first started our using wood ramps and then took Johnny Airtime's advice and built his next jump ramp out of steel. Sagehorn's take off ramp is 7 1/2 ft. high and his landing ramp is an old 40 ft. flatbed trailer with extensions he built for the safety ramp and end piece. The length of his landing area is 70 ft. For the last three years before this jump, Paul had been practicing in his hayfield and his current longest jump is 102 ft.


Paul's wife finally got the nerve to watch him at the 4th of July jump for the first time. His two boys are on the four wheelers and are part of his show, their names are Hank and Wyatt. Hank was 8 and Wyatt was 7 at the time of this jump. Paul's daughter Tara 15, sang the national anthem.

Wyatt (7) and Hank (8) doing some quad jumping before Paul's big jump.

July 25, 2004 — 15 Vehicle Jump

On July 25, 2004 Paul Sagehorn attempted to jump 15 vehicles at the Monroe County Fair. (Notice the banner on the launch ramp. Thanks Paul!!!) The show featured Paul's 8 year old son Wyatt who jump his motorcycle about 17 feet ramp-to-ramp over a long line of toy trucks. Paul's jump was over 15 vehicles at a distance of 96 feet between the ramps.

Unfortunately things didn't work out once Paul left the takeoff ramp. He came up short and just made it to the safety deck which failed upon impact. The track had been used for a rodeo two days before and it didn't get cleaned like it was supposed to. There was still sand left over which makes for very poor traction. Next time Paul said he'll bring a broom.

Below: Wyatt clearing a nice gap!

Thanks to Paul Sagehorn for the use of these photos and the bio.