Corey Scott — United States

Corey hailed from Decatur, Indiana . He was born December 28, 1968. His interest in motorcycle stunt riding began at the young age of 15. All Corey thought about was becoming a motorcycle stuntman, so upon high school graduation in 1987, Corey moved to Florida.

The above photos are of Corey while he was performing for Joie Chitwood's Chevy Thunder Show. If anyone has more information about this great rider and would love to share it with the rest of the world, please let me know.

Corey Scott performed for years with the Joie Chitwood Chevy Thunder Show. Corey specialized in wheelies, the motorcycle-car precision driving exhibition and the motorcycle-pick up jump, where he jumped a moving truck with a ramp attached to the back. Scott performed in over 2,000 shows with the Chitwood organization. While with Joie Chitwood, he also performed the Human Battering Ram, the Slide For Life, the Leap for Life, the Aerial Wing-Walk, the Roman Rider, the Motorcycle Firewall Crash and Crash Rollovers. Corey eventually left the Chitwood organization and formed Scott's Super Stunts.

In 1995, Corey won a ramp-to-ramp jump competition in Charlotte, North Carolina. This aired on ESPN. He took a break from stunts to recuperate from a head injury shortly after that, but in 1996, he went back to stunt performing. Corey died February 8, 1997 while performing a stunt at the Orange Bowl stadium in Miami, Florida. He was supposed to drive his motorcycle off a ramp and land into a net that was hoisted high into the air. Scott was suppose to grab the net upon hitting it, but he missed and fell 60 feet to the ground. He landed on his head and broke his neck. He had performed the stunt only four times before with no problem. Corey was 28 years old.

Left: Ken Maues, Mark Hagar, Corey Scott, Spanky Spangler and Brian Gates. Right: Corey prior to take off for a "Net Jump" in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia Dome on April 9, 1994. Photos: Brian Gates

Corey performing his "Net Jump" at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photos courtesy of Brian Gates. Thanks Brian!