Massimo Trinchero — Italy

Massimo Trinchero was born September 11, 1959 in Rome, Italy and has been in the daredevil business for the past 30+ years. His first motorcycle experience began with a Peugeot 104 48cc motorcycle and the Vespa 50cc Piaggio which his friend Bettino Mangani, converted into a 90cc special. Massimo learned quickly how to ride a wheelie. When he was 16 years old, he got his first big motorcycle, a K.T.M. 125 GS 2T. After years testing, he began to scramble with a real motor. He obtained Junior Roadrunners license with the Italian Motorcycle Committee and enrolled in the Younger Championship and Regional Junior 125 cc category and he began to race in contests.

On September 1979 together with his usual group of friends, went to see Holer Togni's STUNT CARS show. After the show Massimo talked with Holer and soon joined his show. Massimo's first jump for the show was leaping his motorcycle over 10 cars ramp-to-ramp. He went on to tour all over Italy.

Massimo went on to perform many ramp jumps. He also did ramp-to-ramp jumps with a fellow stuntman, Bettino Mangani, sitting behind him. This was very difficult keeping your balance in the air. But he also went further and became the first jumper to jump ramp-to-ramp with a person in a side car! Bettino Mangani once again performed this stunt with Massimo! Other motorcycle stunts Massimo performed included standing behind his motorcycle on roller skates and sliding his motorcycle underneath semi-truck trailers.

Mass imo has 30 years of experience as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, pilot testers, he holds several world firsts such as jumping a sidecar with a passenger ramp-to-ramp and jumping with two riders on the same motorcycle. Today he coordinates and executes action stunt sequences for movies, television, advertising spots and for entertainment events.

Left: Sidecar jump featuring Massimo Trencher and Betting Mangani. Right: Massimo riding his motorcycle backwards.

More action shots of Massimo Trinchero!

Here's Massimo sliding his speeding motorcycle underneath a semi-truck trailer.

Special thanks to Massimo Trinchero for the use of these photos!