Sky Lungston — United States

Sky Lungston (a.k.a. Ed Miller) of Bradenton, Florida started jumping motorcycles when he saw Robbie Knievel fly his motorcycle over the fountains of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Sky performed over 3,000 jumps in his career and has performed all over the United States.

Sky specialized in jumping ramp-to-ground and jumping with his pet Burmese python named Link. Sky said has jumped 17 cars ramp-to-ground in Buffalo, NY in 1999. Besides jumping before live crowds, he has appeared on many television programs and in many movies. Lungston also enjoys talking to children and promotes a drug free lifestyle.

The above photo is of Sky at the Sarasota Ford's "Salute to Racing" event on January 2003. Photo: Carol Wicks


Motorcycle Jumper Sky Lungston had a very serious accident on November 17, 2001. Sky (Ed Miller) was jumping 8 stock cars at the Volusia Speedway in Deleon Springs, Florida. According to an eye witness who was kind enough to give us his account, the set up didn't seem right. There was a light drizzle and the ramp set up was on the bank of the track which is at a 9 degree angle.

When Sky left the ramp the bike crossed up but he never got it back. It seems he deliberately ditched the bike to get away from it and upon landing took the force of the hit with his head.

Sky suffered a broken collar bone, broken ribs, broke his big toe, dislocated vertebra's in back. The good news was doctors said after further testing he did not break his neck and back. They had to put a plate in above his left eye and his left cheek bone. This crash ended his jumping career.

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